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Islewilde 2013!

The Islewilde Celebration Workshop in 2013 is from Friday August 9th through the Celebration Weekend of August 23/24. Free for all: both as in no money required and as in "It's a free for all". The DIY spirit rules. Show up any time and create (see "How Do I Get to Islewilde?" link to left for directions). We will have some art supplies on hand, but if you have some to contribute, please bring them. Anchored by The Janitor, Jawbone Puppet Theater, and The Poncili Company, a mysterious experimental art collective from Puerto Rico, there will be experienced creation professionals on hand to help you unearth/unleash/unzip your creative potential. If you want to teach a specific workshop/skill we would love that. Questions? Call Adam: 347-455-5558

Camping: Come camp with us! Minimal to no infrastructure, so bring whatever you need to be happy.

2013 Islewilde Workshop Schedule:

Make Stuff Workshop: August 9-24: perpetual: all day all the time, yes really, just come by. We will definitely be making papier mache masks and forest animal burrows.

Show Creation Workshop: August 9-24: perpetual. Some specific rehearsal times may develop along the way. You can create a show. No permission needed.

Music Workshop: August 9-11 and 16-24: perpetual (but, you know, musicians take lots of breaks). Bring musical instruments and find Aaron and/or Rob and we'll work some tunes up to accompany the shows being created and also just play for fun. Aaron: 206-794-7641

Swimming in Pond Workshop: Daily: 2pm

Hang Out by Campfire Workshop: Nightly: dusk - 3am

Celebration Weekend Schedule:

Friday August 23:
6pm: Last Minute Lantern Workshop
Dusk: Lantern Walk and Illuminated Show

Saturday August 24:
10am - 4pm Last Minute Everything Workshop
4pm - ?: a bunch of shows

Sunday August 25:
10am - 6pm: Rock-n-Roll Breakdown

Stuff We Would Love For You to Donate/Loan to Us

Pool (pond) Toys
Giant water container filled with potable water on the back of a truck
Art supplies
Your creative energy, skills, talents, etc.
A solar powered Hammond B-3


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