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Islewilde 2014!

The 22nd annual IsleWilde celebration will be taking place from August 18th through the 23rd on Old Mill Road.

There will be free workshops for all from Monday through Friday, as we build lanterns, props, and costumes for our community performances. The traditional lantern walk will begin on Friday the 22nd at dusk. Performances and games will be going on all day on Saturday.

Celebrating its 22nd season, IsleWilde is an ever-changing community of friends and families. We are right here from Vashon, and over the years many have travelled to be here from near and far, including: Seattle, British Columbia, Puerto Rico, Minnesota, Ohio, Quebec, New York, Spain, Taiwan, Hope, and Indonesia.

We come together in the spirit of creativity and write shows, make puppets, masks, villages, music, dinner, you name it. There will be experienced creation professionals on hand to help you unearth/unleash your creative potential. If you want to teach a specific workshop/skill we would love that.

Islewilde is a “Free for all” festival. No money is required for any of our workshops or performances, and the ‘DIY’ spirit rules. Show up any time and create. We will have art supplies on hand, but if you have some to contribute, please bring them.

Look for signs on the highway for directions out to our lovely site in the woods, or see "How Do I Get to Islewilde" link to your left (and a little bit up).

Camping: Come camp with us! Minimal to no infrastructure, so bring whatever you need to be happy.

Islewilde is funded in part by a King County 4Culture grant. We would also like to thank the following local sponsors for their support: Vashon Thriftway, True Value, Minglemint, the weekend corner produce stand, Dwayne and Pat Dietz, and Hans Nelson.

Stuff We Would Love For You to Donate/Loan to Us

  • Art supplies
  • Your creative energy, skills, talents, etc.
  • Giant water container filled with potable water
  • Food
  • Honeybucket(s)


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